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RE: [IPk] How will I benefit with Lantus?

Hi Barbara

 I think it takes time to get the Lantus dose right. When you have the steroids
out of your system try
 sitting around for a while, doing not much at all for a few hours and not
eating either. Then see how
stable you BG level is, whether its rising on not.

 I still cant get over the little amount of insulin you use. Even less than
Sasha and she is small for
 her age. Does Danielle need more insulin than you? It must be due partly to
your good control. The
better control the less insulin you need.


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> Hi Pat
> Well, I started my lantus and Novorapid nearly 3 weeks ago now and I am only
> just becoming stable.  After being stable for years on Actrapid and
>  Insulatard, there are two things that have thrown things out. 1) I went onto
> steroids
> again the day I started the new regime and, 2) I am unsure yet what dose I
> need.
> I am finding that I need more insulin for meals than I seemed to need before.
>  For example, I do eat about the same each day but I used to be on 8 units of
> Actrapid in the morning and 8 units of Insulatard and then only 2 of each at
> night.  I was always in the range of 4 to 8 or 9 mmols and my HBA1c was 7.0
 > last time. Now I find I am taking at least 4 units of Novorapid for each meal
> and sometimes 6 units for my evening meal.  I need more at night by the looks
 > of things. I am taking 6 units of lantus in the evening to see how I go on
> I finished the steroids two days ago, so I will go by tomorrow's results to
 > see if I need to change anything. I am finding this regime much better
> I have more freedom.
> Barbara
> Diabetic for 30 years, just gone on lantus
> Mum to Danielle aged 9, diagnosed Aug 2001, pumping since Nov 2002
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