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Re: [IPk] Talking of meters

Well guys, I go back to the very beginning of this, but I may also have some
insight around Lifescan's plans. My first glucose test was the 'volcano', a
tablet in a test tube test (urine), which came up at different colours. In my
case it was always orange, not a great colour for an Irishman ! I got the
original glucometer in 1979 or so, along with a guillotine of a finger
pricker. Boy, you just don't know how easy you have it now!

We're in a much better position now, for sure. The usual Lifescan meters are
pretty good, with adjustable finger prickers, small samples, and olympic speed
results. The 'ultra' was on show in Paris and will be in the UK by early 2004,
I'm told during a recent Lifescan UK advisory group meeting at which I was one
of 2 Irish members. It doesn't record basal rates I don't think, but it does
give table and graphical presentations of your results over 2 weeks or more,
similar to the presentations you can get on a PC if you download. You can
input food, exercise, and insulin data if you want, it might help you see why
you got a 15 out of nowhere, but will it stop the next one?

I download, even though I'm hopeless at carb counting, I forget to dial a
bolus every so often even though the pump is attached to my ass, and I drink
too much even though I'm a doctor and should know better (my motto is 'people
with diabetes have a thirst for life'!). How can I advise people about their
own diabetes when my last HbA1c was 8.1 !! I test to live, not the other way
around. So, if you have a PC, buy the software and download, and if you don't,
consider the Lifescan Ultra when it arrives. It's glucose monitoring Captain,
but not as we know it!


Whilst on the subject of meters, has anyone managed to get hold of the One
Touch Ultra Smart meter? It is at present only available in the US and is
the replacement for the Profile but more updated.you can apparently key in
basal insulin etc .
I was told it would be released here in September but it has now been put
back until January. If anyone has one can you change the values to
mmols'litre as opposed to American values as if this is so I wondered if it
would be worth importing one. I know they use ultrascan strips. I have been
in touch with Lifescan UK but they are not very forthcoming. I do notice
that the US companies seem to offer a lot more choice of meter but I guess
there is more competition.
John, I well remember the good old days of the coloured strips that you
washed off after 60 seconds! When I bought my first meter circa 1978 , the
Ward sister I worked with at the time used to get one of the doctors to
prescribe extra sticks- I think they were called Dextrostix because I used
to have to buy them my next door neighbour was Diabetic too and we used to
order a job lot together at a discount! Such was life
What strange reminiscings!!
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