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Re: [IPk] One Touch Ultra BG Meter

>She also told me that the pots of 25 strips DO ACTUALLY SELL TO THE
>DISGUSTING!  They should be giving at least half of this to Diabetes
>Charities.  Sorry, but it's extortionate.

If you gave me a pound, I certainly couldn't design and make one blood
glucose test strip from first principles. If you gave me a million pounds,
I might, just *might*, be able to make a million test strips. I suspect 10
million may be needed to show a profit...

But diabetes is indeed a digustingly expensive medical condition. Death by
complications was assumed to be the expected outcome until relatively
recently. (Most of the advances in diabetes treatment in recent years has
been in treating complications - so we can now expect to die with diabetes,
rather than of diabetes - although sadly many do still die of
complications.) Phenomenal sums of money are spent on home BG testing
because it appears to reduce our risk of complications, and allow us a
higher quality of life.

I remember vividly when I was an undergraduate student back in 1984. Self
blood glucose testing had recently become available - with visual strips,
not meters. My clinic would allow me one pot of 50 strips per year. Cut
down the middle that would make 100 tests. (I believe some people used to
cut them into thirds, and get 3 tests from a strip. They must have had
better scissors than me.) But my diabetes was chaotic, and the only way I
could maintain any semblance of control was to test at least 4 times a day.
So my one tub a year ration of strips would last me barely a month, and the
rest I had to buy privately with my meagre student grant. That I found
tough - but it was money well spent given that it bought me moderately good

My father is just 70. He enjoys vigorous good health. May be because he
cycled to work for most of his life. But last year the doctor found some
eye problem, and he was referred to a specialist who diagnosed something
like internal scratching of the retina (I wasn't party to the full
diagnosis!) and he was given some tablets which he learnt cost 5000 pounds
a year. He was staggered that the NHS were willing to spend so much on a
minor eye problem. He discussed it with his local GP, who replied that if
he didn't take the tablets, he might go blind, and that would cost the
government/NHS an awful lot more than 5000 pounds a year. In the event it
turned out that the drug had recently come off patent, and was now only 500
pounds a year. But all the same, that's how the money goes...


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