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[IPk] Re: Skin Irritation ip-uk-digest V2 #527


I use a disetronic pump and starting using the rapid needles.  However I
soon came up with big skin irriations.  I ended up cutting all the
plaster away from the actual needle - as much as I could, and then used
another plaster to hold the needle in place.  It wasn't very
satisfactory.   However once I moved onto the Tender needles, I now very
really get a reaction with this plaster.  I also wondered if I was
alergic to the needle of the Rapid type, whereas the Tender you remove
the needle and are left with a bit of plastic tubing.

Cheers  Heather

Iddm 44 yrs, pump user 3+

>From: email @ redacted

>Subject: [IPk] Skin Irritation > > As a new user of an insulin pump, I
would be interested to knoow if anyone has >had a reaction to the plaster
that holds the canula in place, perhaps it is just >my skin getting used
to it, but would welcome any recommendations >regards


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