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[IPk] Things are moving...type of pump(again..sorry)!

Just heard from the DSN today. Apparently the DSN's and the pump people 
 (minimed) plus the other would be pumper and myself are going to get together
for a
meeting and to 'link up to the pump' beginning of November. (First week). 

Told it will definitely he minimed and I asked what type of pump. The DSN 
said it was to do with cost as the PCT were supplying and obviously they would 
look at the cheapest option, also that at the moment, there were problems 
 getting the 'smaller' pump so it would most likely be the 'larger' option.
Plus, the
giving set has already been decided on.

So, although I am really happy things have moved and the elusive pump is in 
sight, with funding, I still feel that maybe I would have liked a bit more 
 choice. Especially as so many of you have opinions regarding sets, etc. I have
frozen shoulder at the moment and have very little movement in my right arm, 
 making any twisting or manipulating impossible. So, I need something that can
done basically one handed. Are any of the sets suitable for this? And can 
anyone give me an address for the minimed site where I can look at the pumps 
 available as when I visited the site last time I couldn't seem to get access to

Any info gratefully reced. I guess beggars can't be choosers!
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