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Hi Barbara,

I hope you and Danielle are having a better day today!

I think Quick Sets are horrible things, I only used one once, but it was 
enough to put me off for life!  I got my pump connected at 2pm, and by 6pm, 
after a scrummy muffin, which I didn't inject for but bolussed for, I was 
26!!! I get things wrong (we all do!) but not that wrong!

Turns out the cannula had never gone into me (didn't know this till the next 
day!), it was bent over at the insertion site.

Also I had problems too trying to disconnect, I always got twisted up.....

Went back to the DSN on the Thursday and tried Silohuettes, which are so 
much better! (IMHO!!!!)

Good luck,


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>In a message dated 13/10/2003 21:48:49 GMT Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
> > So: press down fairly
> > firmly with the positioning fingers on the circular adhesive. Place the
> > plastic
> > circular piece at the end of the set tubing on top of the plastic 
> > piece in the body so that the two arrows line up, and press down so that 
> > hear
> > a click (as the top bit joins up with the bottom); press down a little 
> > firmly with the positioning fingers and twist so that the top arrow 
>lines up
> >
> > with the bar mark. If you stabilise the set with your fingers you can 
> > a
> > fair amount of pressure - though you shouldn't need VERY much - without
> > causing
> > damage to the cannula.
> >
>Thanks very much.  I have printed this one out to try next time but it 
>like it could work.  Meanwhile, we have moved the site from the buttock, to
>the tummy and back to the buttock and succeeded but with a struggle.  In 
>she is not going to be able to disconnect for games/PE because it is too
>  difficult. I think if we get over the fact that we could pull it out, it 
>Mum to Danielle, pumping since Nov 2002 but now trying Quick Sets
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