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Re: [IPk] Was dentist drama - now meters

> I know Clifton quite well :-) but I don't remember Lloyds. Perhaps it's a
> recent arrival.

It's in Clifton Village rather than Clifton. Down a side street - not very 

> Indeed. And it's when you're travelling/are away from home that you're most
> likely to drop or break something. In the good old days I used to carry
> some foil wrapped visual strips with me - were they made by Amey? But I've
> not been able to get them in recent years.

I've never come across the foil ones. I suppose you could take some out of the 
big pot of BM ones and wrap them in foil yourself.... (to save carrying the 
big pot around)

> I was refilling my pump the other morning, using the O'Connor method,
> meticulously avoiding any bubbles, when I managed to drop the whole damn
> thing on the floor! Nothing broken, but the insulin in the cartridge and in
> the bottle turned to foam. I got another cartridge, and a new bottle of
> insulin from the fridge. The dropped bottle of Humalog has since settled
> back down to normal - but the big question is, should I use it again, or is
> there a significant risk that the insulin has been damaged?

I can't see why the insulin would have been damaged. I've done the same thing 
before and not had a problem, anyway.
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