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Re: [IPk] Was dentist drama - now meters

>sounds like a sensible solution. After my advice last week about always
>spare visual test strips, I spent the weekend in Bristol and on Friday
>morning at 9am, I managed to break my Esprit meter. No spare meter, no visual
>strips, was totally stuck. My boyfriend valiantly spent an hour taking the
>meter to bits and putting it back together, but there was a broken bit
>inside. Called Bayer to get a replacement, but it wouldn't arrive until the
>next day (actually, it only arrived this morning). Off to Boots to get a new
>Esprit, only to find that none of the Boots stores seem to stock Esprits any
>more. Nor did Superdrug. Probably because they'd rather sell their own brand
>models. Contemplated getting some visual strips over the counter (not a great
>solution with my poor sight) but on discovering they were 30 quid decided
>that would be a real last resort. Then someone suggested trying Lloyd's
>chemist in Clifton Village. I don't know Bristol very well so wasn't aware of
>that. The very nice sales assistant found several very dusty Esprits and a
>new Ascensia Esprit on a shelf in the back..... I remember this from before -
>for anyone looking for meters in pharmacies, try Lloyd's - or in fact any
>independent pharmacy - over Boots and Superdrug for a better selection!
>Phew - by 5pm I finally had a meter again, after wasting most of the day.

I know Clifton quite well :-) but I don't remember Lloyds. Perhaps it's a
recent arrival.

Reminds me of the Sunday pre-pump when Julia and I drove from Bayreuth down
to Regensburg for a day out. Several hours drive. As we arrived I
discovered I'd left my insulin behind. What to do? I could ignore my
diabetes for the afternoon, and rapidly go pale thirsty and miserable. We
could abandon our day out and go straight back home. Or I could nip into
the local hospital's A&E and get an insulin injection. I chose the last
option. Disaster. Hospitals in Regensburg don't advertise their A&Es like
they do in Britain. And when you see an "Ambulanz" sign, it's not where the
ambulances go, it's the outpatient clinic! At one point I walked into a
mental hospital - before beating a retreat. It was 5pm before I obtained an
insulin injection - and we drove straight home. Extraordinary. If I'd lain
on the pavement I might have got an injection faster.

>The issue of spare meters is one I always find tricky. Should I always take a
>spare meter wherever I go? They're pretty reliable, but it's a pain when it
>breaks or you lose it. I hate carrying unnecessary stuff around with me.

Indeed. And it's when you're travelling/are away from home that you're most
likely to drop or break something. In the good old days I used to carry
some foil wrapped visual strips with me - were they made by Amey? But I've
not been able to get them in recent years.

I was refilling my pump the other morning, using the O'Connor method,
meticulously avoiding any bubbles, when I managed to drop the whole damn
thing on the floor! Nothing broken, but the insulin in the cartridge and in
the bottle turned to foam. I got another cartridge, and a new bottle of
insulin from the fridge. The dropped bottle of Humalog has since settled
back down to normal - but the big question is, should I use it again, or is
there a significant risk that the insulin has been damaged?


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