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[IPk] Was dentist drama - now meters

> Oh, Di, I've had a new zip fitted to my gentleman's handbag, you may be
> pleased to hear :-) After the drama of losing/mislaying my
> passport/railcard/keys/BG meter etc etc I was discussing it all with my
> therapist - whom I see every couple of weeks. We decided the optimal
> solution was get my handbag back into use, since that's where I used to
> store my valuable items. When the zip broke last year, I resorted to the
> trouser pocket, and a few weeks ago I suffered the consequences!
> John

sounds like a sensible solution. After my advice last week about always having 
spare visual test strips, I spent the weekend in Bristol and on Friday 
morning at 9am, I managed to break my Esprit meter. No spare meter, no visual 
strips, was totally stuck. My boyfriend valiantly spent an hour taking the 
meter to bits and putting it back together, but there was a broken bit 
inside. Called Bayer to get a replacement, but it wouldn't arrive until the 
next day (actually, it only arrived this morning). Off to Boots to get a new 
Esprit, only to find that none of the Boots stores seem to stock Esprits any 
more. Nor did Superdrug. Probably because they'd rather sell their own brand 
models. Contemplated getting some visual strips over the counter (not a great 
solution with my poor sight) but on discovering they were 30 quid decided 
that would be a real last resort. Then someone suggested trying Lloyd's 
chemist in Clifton Village. I don't know Bristol very well so wasn't aware of 
that. The very nice sales assistant found several very dusty Esprits and a 
new Ascensia Esprit on a shelf in the back..... I remember this from before - 
for anyone looking for meters in pharmacies, try Lloyd's - or in fact any 
independent pharmacy - over Boots and Superdrug for a better selection!
Phew - by 5pm I finally had a meter again, after wasting most of the day.

The issue of spare meters is one I always find tricky. Should I always take a 
spare meter wherever I go? They're pretty reliable, but it's a pain when it 
breaks or you lose it. I hate carrying unnecessary stuff around with me.
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