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Re: [IPk] Dentist drama

>It may also be that you just grind your teeth in your sleep without being
>aware of it - not specifically related to hypos. My mum (who doesn't have DM)
>has the same thing - apparently it's quite common. She has a plastic tooth
>guard to wear at night too. Metal tooth guard sounds nasty!

Thanks Di - I'll bear that in mind :-) Actually, very little disturbs me at
night - not even crying babies - as I am also blessed with mid-frequency
hearing loss (both ears). High frequencies and low frequencies I'm normal,
but about 1000 Hz (about the range a telephone rings) I do not hear well at
all. My hearing specialist suggested that for certain professions I might
need a hearing aid (if I were a lecturer picking up questions from the back
of the lecture theatre I would definitely benefit from a hearing aid). But
on stage/oratorio work I pick up my cues from the cellos rather than the
violins. Seems to work OK. I've always had ENT trouble - had my tonsils out
when I was 3 years old.

Oh, Di, I've had a new zip fitted to my gentleman's handbag, you may be
pleased to hear :-) After the drama of losing/mislaying my
passport/railcard/keys/BG meter etc etc I was discussing it all with my
therapist - whom I see every couple of weeks. We decided the optimal
solution was get my handbag back into use, since that's where I used to
store my valuable items. When the zip broke last year, I resorted to the
trouser pocket, and a few weeks ago I suffered the consequences!


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