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Re: [IPk] Dentist drama

>Sadly, I don't have teeth like your wife's - just 'good for a diabetic'
>(i.e no gum disease or gum erosion).  Lots of fillings, though.  Apart
>from the fillings, if I excavated my teeth, I'd think they were medieval
>- they tend to be ground down like those of people who eat a lot of
>stone-ground flour. It's not grinding my own teeth, as I have oddly
>shaped jaws (is _anything_ about me normal, I wonder) which means that
>many of my teeth cannot be manoeuvred so they meet other teeth.

Now that's curious. Do we both suffer from "diabetic jaw" perhaps? About 5
years ago I had a new singing teacher who observed that when I opened my
mouth for top notes, my jaw moved forward, creating muscular tension - an
absolute no-no for good singing. Over a period of several months I
retrained my jaw to pull backwards slightly as my mouth opened - an odd
expeience like relearning to write with the other hand! But it worked and I
now have a more relaxed jaw.

My German dentist also observed that my teeth were somewhat ground down -
particularly my 2 front upper teeth. Personally I put that down to
nighttime hypos - although I have no specific evidence for that. The
dentist prescribed me a plastic tooth guard to wear at night, which
promptly broke. I'm about to get a new one - metal this time! I'm not aware
that I have violent night hypos any more, but I've had so many over the
years pre-pump, that I'm not surprised damage has been done.

(who's about to start keeping proper accounts again. Funny how the more you
earn, the more you spend. Being self-employed I'm obliged to keep accounts,
and I used to do it  meticulously with a double entry book keeping package
on my Psion3a. Once you take things like employer contributions to your
pension fund into account it can change the whole concept of profit and
loss :-)

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