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Hi Barbara,
Sorry to have caught up on this late.  I experienced some problems too when I 
started using Quick-Sets several months ago.  I find that I need to hold the 
edges of the circular adhesive area down firmly before attempting to 
 position/remove the circular plastic tubing attachment, to stabilise it. I
position the index and middle fingers of one hand (I suggest you use your 
 non-dominant hand if you're doing it for Danielle) on the circular adhesive
each side
of the plastic middle piece containing the cannula. So: press down fairly 
 firmly with the positioning fingers on the circular adhesive. Place the plastic
circular piece at the end of the set tubing on top of the plastic circular 
 piece in the body so that the two arrows line up, and press down so that you
a click (as the top bit joins up with the bottom); press down a little more 
firmly with the positioning fingers and twist so that the top arrow lines up 
with the bar mark. If you stabilise the set with your fingers you can exert a 
 fair amount of pressure - though you shouldn't need VERY much - without causing
damage to the cannula.
I don't mean to teach grandmothers etc but HTH,

508 coming up 3 yrs, Quick-Set user since May (I find them much better than 
SofSets, and not a single bad set!)
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