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RE: [IPk] 6.30am Hypos

I agree with Tori: I'd change to 1.0 from 1.1 between 4am and 6am. That
should put your BG up by about 3 mmol/L. Test that for two or three days and
see how you're doing.

Also, has your diet changed recenlty? My dawn phenomenon is dependent on how
many carbs I ate/units of insulin I used the day before. So if you've
reduced your carb intake (but don't intend to keep it down) or if your
exercise has temporarily increased on a daily basis (so you use less
insulin)this might not be a permanent basal pattern change.


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At 08:28 PM 13/10/2003, you wrote:
>Been waking up feeling cack for ages now!  Religiously done testing etc
>around the 3am mark, but never caught hypos.  However, two mornings now
>tested around 6.30 and had low a result in the low 3's!
>So - here is my current basal profile:
>00-01   0.9
>01-02   0.9
>02-03   1
>03-04   1
>04-05   1.1
>05-06   1.1
>06-07   1
>07-08   1
>08-09   0.9
>09-10   0.9
>10-11   0.9
>11-12   0.9
>12-13   0.9
>13-14   0.9
>14-15   0.9
>15-16   0.9
>16-17   0.9
>17-18   0.9
>18-19   0.9
>19-20   0.9
>20-21   1.1
>21-22   1.1
>22-23   1.1
>23-24   0.9
>TOTAL   23
>I'm thinking of knocking back the
>04-05   1.1
>05-06   1.1
>04-05   0.9
>05-06   0.9
>I know everyones mileage varies etc, but does that sound like a reasoble
>"plan" to start with?

Hi Nick

I'd be inclined to try and wake at 4 am or 5am and check what's going on. I
dunno what anyone else does, but I always adjust my basals for an hour to
90minutes before my current "problem" (atm for me, it's highs around 10am,
so I'll be looking at my 8:30/9am rates). This is because *in me*, Humalog
takes about an hour to work. I am shortly switching the whole catastrophe
to NovoRapid, and am expecting a raft of new problems with that, but
suspect in the long term it will be for the good since I have such a slow
response rate to Humalog.

I am also somewhat cautious when it comes to changing basals (cos my bloods
seem to be somewhat unpredictable - though improving!), I take little
steps, leave them for at least 2 days, but preferably 4, before I review
again.  Why not start with a reduction from say, 3:30am to 6am, to 1.0
unit/hr? (I am, of course, assuming you are on a Minimed; if on a
Disetronic, make it 4am-6am).

I'm no expert (are any of us??) but that might be something to consider?


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