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RE: [IPk] Dentist drama

>I think the most common problem is gum disease / gum erosion. The bacteria
>in the mouth flourish better with higher blood sugars.

I had terrible agony with my lower front teeth about 5 years ago. Saw my
UK/NHS dentist, who observed that the gum had receded from the lower front
teeth exposing the nerves. He expressed sympathy, but regretted that there
was nothing he could do. To reduce the agony whenever I ate anything hot or
cold I should use Sensodyne toothpaste (which of course I could buy at a
reduced rate in his reception). About a year later I saw a German dentist,
who put a row of small fillings in at the gumline. A simple procedure that
cured the problem. I felt distinctly cheated by the NHS dentist. I believe
if you are privately registered with a UK dentist, the full range of
treatments are available in the UK - but you've got to pay.

My wife has perfect teeth, like you Pat. One German dentist observed that
this quality of tooth is usually only seen in black men. Curious, since we
don't know of any black men in her ancestry :o)


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