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Re: [IPk] Re: Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

>If anyone wants a quick translation, I'd be happy to provide, though I
>suspect it is the picture that is most important here.

An English university friend is married to a Japanese lady, and he is now
learning Japanese. I observed that there is no Google Japanese-English
translation service (if you go http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk , towards
the foot of the page you'll find links to the website in French, German,
Italian and Spanish. This is translated on-the-fly by Google.). He reckoned
there may never be automatic translation software, as the two languages are
too fundamentally different. Now, I'm no linguist, but I'm curious to know
what that means in practice.

Is Hebrew too different from English for automatic translation?

We pondered the legality of having automatic translations on our website
that were beyond our control, and decided that the disclaimer at the foot
of every page covers us for mistranslation.

We certainly have multilingual fun here in Germany. My wife and I are both
native English speakers, so that's our home language, but our son
Christopher (3 and a half) goes off to kindergarten each day (Montessori
School) where only German is spoken. And that is as we like it. Others
friends have English mother, French father, living in Germany. Their son is
picking up 3 languages. Lucky him.

We were in Bayreuth over the summer, and Christopher was booked in at the
local kindergarten there - and I was astonished to see English lessons - or
sing-song-classes or however they do it - advertised for kids from 3 years
old. That really brought home to me the all-pervasiveness of the English
language. I'm not sure whether to be proud, or ashamed.


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