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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #521 Pump supplies minimed

Hi Pat

The Paradigm allows you to set X3 different basal programmes and then you
can change basal programme up or down by 0.1u/hr as temporary basal over
anything from 1/2 hour to 24 hours.  I find my basal needs change all the
time.  I have got a set programme for days and then for night shifts.
however, I exercise at different times on different days, sometimes work is
very quiet and sometimes extremely stressful.  My normal basal varies from
0.2u/hour when asleep  increasing to 0.6u/hr until about 10am then 0.3 - 0.5
during the rest of the day.  However, I just set a temp basal dependign on
bg,  activity etc. if current one too high or low for circumstances of the
moment.  It all seems to work as I have lowest ever HBA1c 5.5% without
frequent hypos which I had on injections and had to constantly snack at

Silhouettes, I've got used to the longer needle and get on well with them.
I'll keep a look out in case I pull it out.  Sometimes I have it on the top
of my bum and it can get knocked about carrying bags on my shoulder but I've
been lucky so far.  Quick sets kept giving me no delivery alarms like others
on this list.


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