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Re: [IPk] Stress and Blood Sugars

Hi Julian,

I find stress does affect my BG levels, but it is consistent in that it puts
them up.

A lot of my work involves playing quite an active role in meetings and
giving presentations at meetings. Until I started testing regularly I didn't
realise how much my BG levels increased. (Like many contributors to this
site I used to be one of those who did what I was told by my Diabetes
Clinic; 2 tests a day (breakfast/dinner or lunch/bedtime) and make sure your
HbA1c is reasonable). When I was considering a pump I knew I would have to
increase the number of BG tests I performed if I went on a pump, so I
started testing up to 10 times a day. All of a sudden I discovered that I
didn't have the good control I thought I had, and I discovered what an HbA1c
test really is - an average, no better.

Although I've only been on a pump for 9 weeks, I've got to the point where I
can roughly predict what % basal increase I need for a given
meeting/presentation (I have a Disetronic pump). I test about 1 hour before,
programme the increase, and carry on testing every hour, as far as possible.
If the meeting/presentation becomes more stressful I'll re-programme the
basal increase, but be careful about regular testing. Most of the time I can
come out of a meeting/presentation with a BG of around 7-8. I'm not sure if
I want to do better, because if I'm coming out with a BG of about 6 it's not
leaving too much room for error.

I hope this has been a help to you. As others on the site say - YMMV!


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>  Does anyone know if Stress adversely affects blood sugars in such a way
> they become a little unpredictable? For the past few days my BMs have
> between 3 and 18. and there is no pattern to it. My normal range is
between 4
> and 9.
>  If stress does cause this then it should clear very soon. I just hope she
> yes tonight when we go to out to dinner :). If it isn't stress that causes
> fluctuations, can anyone advise me as to what it may be.
> Julian
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