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Re: [IPk] Pump latest and thankyou

Hi Barbara,

When I was reading about pumps I was amazed that very few people on pumps or
who had used them had anything negative to say about them. When someone went
so far as to write that they hadn't realised they had felt unwell every day
since before they were diagnosed with diabetes, until they went on a pump
and actually felt normal, I started taking comments with a pinch of salt, to
be honest (sorry, pumpers!). But I have found everything that people say
about the pros of pumping to be correct.

I tried lantus and it didn't work for me, so I went on to a pump 9 weeks
ago. The huge difference I discovered (from the next morning) was that I
slept better (more soundly), awoke feeling more rested and, in general, felt
much, much better.

At work I find my concentration is far better and that I can concentrate
longer. And I don't begin to tire in the early afternoon. I have reduced the
amount of insulin I require by over 35%. Other people have also commented
that I look better and appear to them to be more relaxed.

It is a personal issue, as many people rightly say. But no-one is taking my
pump away from me!


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> In a message dated 09/10/2003 23:14:13 GMT Daylight Time,
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> > Deltec (who are owned by Smiths plc - a UK company) are launching the
> > over here in the UK from early next year
> >
> > Adrian
> > Type 1 for 20 years Using Lantus/Novorapid - hoping for a pump!
> >
> Hello Adrian
> That's good news that one of the newest pumps from the USA is about to
> to us.  Why is it that you would prefer a pump when you are using Lantus
>  Novorapid? I am a beginner on Lantus/Novorapid and I am finding it good
for my
> lifestyle because I can eat when I want instead of feeding the insulin
that is
> hanging around from my two insulins injected in the morning.  My daughter
> a pump and it suits all of us very well but I don't think I would like one
> myself because my current regime is great.
> Barbara
> Type 1 for 30 years (injected with syringe and 2 bottles twice daily until
> the other day when I was given Lantus/Novorapid with pens which don't
> Mum of Danielle, aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
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