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[IPk] Stick patterns

I went for my regular counselling yesterday, and was invited to take an
intelligence test. It wasn't measuring IQ as such, more my general mental
faculty. I remembered doing this test at the rehabilitation clinic a year
ago, after my brain operation. And this particular test I simply could not
do it. My brain drew a blank. I think that's why they wanted me to try it
again. Let me explain... I had 5 sticks of wood, rather like large match
sticks, about 4 inches long. There were 9 cards, on which patterns were
drawn, made up of the 5 sticks. I was shown each card in succession (I
chose when to see the next card). I then had to recreate (in whatever order
I wanted) the 9 5-stick patterns I had seen on the cards. If I didn't get
them all, I was then shown all the cards again, in succession, and I would
then recreate each one all over again. You repeat the process till you get
all the patterns. First time round, by card 5, I had already forgotten what
was on card 1 - so I knew I was indeed being tested :-) 2nd time round, I
knew what was coming, and only forgot 1 pattern. 3rd time I got it all
correct. Apparently this was an above-average result, suggesting I had not
lost any faculty for remembering basic stick patterns!

I'd checked my BG immediately before the test - 4.6. On the low side, but
I'd had some glucose tablets on arrival - I find that is necessary after a
brisk cycle across town - so my BG was likely to be rising. But I took a
couple more tablets for good measure.


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