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Re: [IPk] Pump latest and thankyou

Hi Barbara -

>I know you didn't initially write this about the Minimed pump, but I find it
>hard to believe that only 18 out of a 100 people liked it.

Don't worry - these were theoretical figures that Pat plucked out of thin
air to illustrate her argument. She later said it would be interesting to
know what the true figures were :-)

>We have the
>Minimed and quite honestly can't find anything about that we don't like.
>It is a
>pump and it does what it says in the manual and that's that.

I accept I am odd in many ways, but, although I like my 507, I find having
one allows me to see all its design weaknesses.

>Which pump do you have by the way?

I have a MiniMed 507. Bought with my own hard earned cash about 6 years
ago. At the time it was the best pump on the market, in my opinion.

Funnily enough, I had a 508 for a few months last autumn - my  507 had
packed up and had gone in for repairs. As they don't make 507s anymore, I
had to be upgraded to a 508. I then learnt that since my 507 was over 5
years old, my insurance company would pay for me to permanently upgrade to
the 508. Now - forgive me sounding like an old fogey - but in the time I
had the 508, I never used any of the "exciting new features": remote
control, dual wave boluses, umpteen basal rates etc. I played with then,
yes, but never had to use them in real life. I was very happy to return to
my faithful old 507 when it came back. And since I don't even use squave
wave boluses, I effectively use my 507 as a 506. We tend to think all these
new features represent progress, but often they don't.


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