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RE: [IPk] Pump latest and thankyou

Hi Barbara,

Sadly I am not getting brilliant control with Lantus/Novorapid. From about
10am - 11pm blood glucose levels are great (under 7 mmol) with little
variance - 5mmol before eating and just under 7mmol 2 hours later but at
night things are different - although improving - at 1am Hypo and from 4am
rising up to a peak of 17mmol when I get up. The Hypo issue has been dealt
with by injecting the Lantus earlier - which appears to have worked - but
there is no scope to increase the amount of Lantus without the risk of this
re-occurring - so still have the highs when I get up. I understand that this
is quite a common problem. Obviously just a couple of hours at 17mmol is
increasing the risk of complications quite seriously. A pump appears to me
the best potentially available way of dealing with this - since I doubt if
an islet transplant will fall my way!


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> Deltec (who are owned by Smiths plc - a UK company) are launching the
> over here in the UK from early next year
> Adrian
> Type 1 for 20 years Using Lantus/Novorapid - hoping for a pump!

Hello Adrian

That's good news that one of the newest pumps from the USA is about to come
to us.  Why is it that you would prefer a pump when you are using Lantus and
 Novorapid? I am a beginner on Lantus/Novorapid and I am finding it good for
lifestyle because I can eat when I want instead of feeding the insulin that
hanging around from my two insulins injected in the morning.  My daughter
a pump and it suits all of us very well but I don't think I would like one
myself because my current regime is great.

Type 1 for 30 years (injected with syringe and 2 bottles twice daily until
the other day when I was given Lantus/Novorapid with pens which don't hurt)
Mum of Danielle, aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
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