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Re: [IPk] Pump latest and thankyou


I've been advised by someone working for Disetronic that the situation
regarding their pumps in USA/Canada is that some paperwork wasn't being
completed at the right stage in the manufacturing process, according to the
US/Canadian authorities. (That said, there had been no change from what had
happened in the past, and the relevant authorities were happy enough then.)
There is no safety issue with the pumps themselves.

My understanding of the situation in the UK is that pump manufacturers must
reach certain standards before being granted a license to sell in the UK. It
would appear that other pump companies are not prepared to apply for the
license for some reason. (I would add that I know some diabetics in the US
personally and they were amazed that I had a choice of pumps.  Pumps from
only one company were available at the Diabetes Centre they attend. Perhaps
some of the companies who sell in the US would be looking for an equally
"exclusive" arrangement over here. While we may have problems with the NHS,
thank goodness we do not have to endure these "exclusive" benefits to the
degree they do in the States.)


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> >I wonder if the person who is so fed up with the Disetronic pump could
> >swap with me?  I would prefer the Disetronic, even if the service is as
> >bad, because I would find the ability to set the basal pattern (as
> >opposed to flat rate) temporarily higher or lower.
> So it seems we break into 4 groups:
> * Those who use Disetronic pumps, and like Disetronic.
> * Those who use Disetronic pumps, and hate Disetronic.
> * Those who use MiniMed pumps, and like MiniMed.
> * Those who use MiniMed pumps, and hate MiniMed.
> Take your choice :-)
> A British friend of mine who also happened to be living in Germany, was
> on a MiniMed 508 pump, and had such appalling problems both with the pump
> and with MiniMed's German office that she gave up and is now on a
> Disetronic pump (and living back in England).
> And a Canadian friend tells me Disetronic pumps are no longer being sold
> Canada due to safety problems. But there are a lot more pump manufacturers
> licenced to sell pumps in America - quick look at the Insulin Pumpers US
> website shows Animas, Dana Diabecare, Deltec Cozmo, Disetronic, Medtronic
> MiniMed and Nipro Amigo. I believe only MiniMed and Disetronic sell pumps
> in the UK, since you need a proper support network set up in order to
> a market. Perhaps there's a nice business opportunity waiting for someone
> there...
> John
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