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Re: [IPk] Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

>Piccy of a Silserter (I couldn't understand how they could work either till
>I saw this) at http://www.applied-medical.co.uk/silhouette.htm

Can anyone confirm for me - does Applied Medical Technology (AMT) still
sell pump supplies? AMT used to represent MiniMed in the UK, but when
MiniMed set up their own UK subsiduary I thought AMT pulled out of the pump
business. But perhaps they continue to sell accessories and infusion sets?
Not sure. I remember Ray Morrissey (AMT's MD) telling me the majority of
his infusion set sales were not for insulin pump use, but for infusing many
other drugs. And were paid for by the NHS - which makes it even more
scandolous that so many of us have to buy our infusion sets privately. He
also told me he never made a profit through trading insulin pumps (the
market rate is much lower in the UK than the US) but since he was the only
firm at that time selling them, he had a moral duty to support their use.

>or another
>one showing it on skin about to go, so a little clearer, half way down the
>page at http://www.tcb.ac.il/Extra/type1file/equipment.html.

Sadly I have no Hebrew font on my humble computer - and I'm not sure it
would help me if I did :-) But yes - there is a nice clear photo there!


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