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[IPk] Just back from DM clinic

Abigail, I needed you there to do your rant at the new guy there.  Type 2s
newly dxed he only recommends testing bgs once or twice a week.

I pointed out that if that had been the regime with me (a Type 2) by now I
would have developed serious complications.

His inevitably response was I wouldn't because of regular HbA1Cs.

I pointed out that this only gave an average for the last few weeks with a
skew towards recent tests and again the average did not indicate the spread
of results.

I told him how I had perfect HbA1Cs (in his terms) but my spread of readings
used to be from 2 - 17 mmol/l.  The consultant at the clinic only took this
on board when I gave a spreadsheet of results showing the yo-yo effect.

The new guy was unimpressed - after all I'm only a patient.

Amazingly my BP was 130/90!!!

Line 'em up, I say and given them barium enemas!!!!

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