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Re: [IPk] Re: Tenders/Silhouettes vs Sofsets and ways of inserting them, was Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

>It's funny how we all have different preferences for needle type, insertion
>methods etc. Helps make the world more interesting :)

Absolutely Tori - and thank goodness we are each free to choose what suits
us best.

I started on SofSets about 5 years ago. I had bought the pump myself, and
was self-funding the infusion sets, and I am not rich, so I had to make
things last as long as possible. I used the SofSets with the disconnector
for a bit, but the funny knobly bit was really irritating, and I rarely
disconnected in any case (we had no bath, just a shower. And I turned a
small Tubaware box into a waterproof case for the pump when I showered. I
cut a small slit in the lid of the box to take the tubing). So I used the
(cheaper) version without the disconnector. But inserting it terrified me.
Till I got the SofSerter, when it became a doddle.

I tried Tender/Silhouettes for a bit, but that needle looks so long!!! I
quickly went back to SofSets with the SofSerter. A few months later I went
back to have another go with Tenders. This time, I didn't have any trouble
at all with the long needle. Strange. But I am a slow inserter. It's got to
be that way. If I have any trouble as it goes in - if I feel it hitting a
blood vessel, or a bit of grissle in the fat - I pull it out, move 1cm, and
try again. Works well for me. An insertion gun - for all its convenience -
doesn't allow you that choice.

I've tried Rapids - hated them, felt like I had a drawing pin stuck in me
all the time. And QuickSets. But I have always ended up back with Tenders.


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