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RE: [IPk] Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

Hi Rhoda, the same thing has happened to me a couple of times,I thught that 
if I bought a gizmo thing it might avoid it happening. I have checked the 
angle of the cannula afterwards to see if I was doing anything wrong as I 
sometimes wonder if do place the caanula too deep. I am more careful about 
checking now and have noticed on the odd occaision a "loop" where the 
cannula joins the tape and then changed the set. I can only assume the 
cannula is backtracking on itself in an effort to "get out!!". I was 
wondering too whether it might be worth taping over thedressing with some 
opsite or similar but find that irritates my skin. Not much help I am afraid 
but at least I wont bother with the silserter!
All the Best Carmel

>From: "R C Martin" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: RE: [IPk] Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?
>Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 07:41:10 +0100
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>Thanks for that, Graham.  However I'm still puzzled how the cannula can 
>adrift when the adhesive dressing is still in place.
>BTW I'm one of those boring pumpers who always use the supplied gizmo for
>inserting the cannula so I presume that ensures it goes in at the right
>angle.  Unless anyone knows differently?
>1 further qn:  Do Disetronic sets fit the Minimed/Medtronic pump?
>Sadly all pump supplies are bought by the DM Clinic (cheaper that way) and
>they only deal with Medtronic.
>Graham wrote:
>I have read that Minimed teflon cannulas are a little short and can come
>adrift. I use the Disetronic ones (and they are certainly not short!).
>However, on my pump training I was told to ensure that I put them in at the
>right angle, as they might come out if they were put in at too shallow an
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