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[IPk] Re: Tenders/Silhouettes vs Sofsets and ways of inserting them, was Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

Heh, I'm the complete reverse. I am rather needle-phobic (yep, even after 
almost 35 years of this, at least 30 of which I have spent injecting 
myself) and can't watch needles entering skin *at all*. I also hate slow 
needles, so I love using the Sofsets and the Sofserter. My adventures with 
Tenders (manually inserted) were dreadful. I would end up shaking and 
sweating once I had that very long needle in, as an adrenaline release hit 
me - and I had one of them completely kink and send me into mild DKA for an 
entire weekend (with BGs as low as 7.0 for a number of hours during the 
weekend). I wasn't sorry to finish using the ones a friend had lent me to 
"try them out".

I'm currently using Baxter Sub-Q sets which are very similar to Rapids, 
which I don't have too many problems with (and I am using them purely as a 
cost-saver. Over here I can get these for 50c/pop as compared to $15 each 
for Sofsets - until they hit private health insurance, which is imminent. 
Medtronic are negotiating with insurers for coverage as I type). I think it 
must have something to do with the fact that i used these sorts of sets for 
17 years, but with a much smaller gauge and a longer needle, so these are 
relatively easy. I just aim, look away, and push!

It's funny how we all have different preferences for needle type, insertion 
methods etc. Helps make the world more interesting :)


At 09:12 PM 8/10/2003, you wrote:

> > Silhouettes are really dead easy to insert manually, and shouldn't hurt at
> > all
> > when you put them in. I think you get much more control that way.
> > But that's just my personal opinion.
> > Di
> >
>I agree with Di.  I insert Danielle's silhouettes manually and she does it
>herself manually too  if she can reach the area.  Danielle was very 
>by the firing action of the inserters.  We insert it slowly and sometimes she
>tells us that it is sore and so we take it out.  When she feels the pain 
>is always blood, so we prefer to do it manually for this reason.

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