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Re: [IPk] Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

The Silserter won't work for Tenders. Although they are both made by the 
same company, the Silhouettes have a tiny groove on them that allows them 
to click into the Silserter. Tenders don't have the groove (I feel an 
irresistable urge to add "man" after that!).

Piccy of a Silserter (I couldn't understand how they could work either till 
I saw this) at http://www.applied-medical.co.uk/silhouette.htm or another 
one showing it on skin about to go, so a little clearer, half way down the 
page at http://www.tcb.ac.il/Extra/type1file/equipment.html.


At 07:51 PM 8/10/2003, you wrote:

>Hi Rhoda
>I'm confused - I thought you were using the Silhouettes? In which case, i
>didn't know there was an insertion device for them! And if so, the
>Silhouettes and Tenders (Disetronic version) are identical. I'm not quite
>sure how using the gizmo could ensure the right angle anyway - doesn't it
>depend what angle you use the gizmo at, if you see what I mean? I've only
>used the Sofset whanger, with which you could insert at any angle,

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