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Re: [IPk] Just started Lantus

In a message dated 08/10/2003 00:16:41 GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Barbara, what's the Optiset like to use?  I got prescribed an Autopen, 
> which disappointed me as it's inferior to the Novopens I've been using 
> - flimsy construction, no chance to correct errors, and the one I 
> originally got prescribed doesn't do odd numbers of units (I made sure 
> I got a spare that does, so I can now take 17).  But it does the job 
> and uses the same needles as my other pens.

Hello Eleanor

I find the OptiSet ok myself and I have only used it once so far.  It takes 
needles called Penfine which are made or supplied by Disetronic and they come 
in the usual sizes from 6mm upwards.  The first time you use the pen you have 
 to prime it with 8 units to make sure the insulin is coming out of the needle.
Before each injection you would prime it with 2 units (this pen only has 
increments of 2 units) and the dial can be turned in any direction.

Type 1 for 30 years (just starting Lantus) 
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