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RE: [IPk] Lantus

Re: Lantus use

I was/am having problems with the Dawn Syndrome and the Somogyi (sp?)
effect - in that I am finding it impossible to predict where my blood
sugars will be in the morning.  My day time control seems pretty good so
I'm now hoping to join the merry band of pumpers to eliminate or at
least reduce this area of major uncertainty.

I was put on Lantus recently and found, as someone has already said,
that the effect was NOT flat so injecting at night did not work well for
me.  I now inject in the morning and that leads to a flatter (i.e. MORE
predictable) result overnight.  I am, however, tempted to try a split
dose - day/night as I'm finding morning readings seem overall to be
creeping up.

Any experience of this pre-pump?


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