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Re: [IPk] Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

Hi Rhoda
I'm confused - I thought you were using the Silhouettes? In which case, i 
didn't know there was an insertion device for them! And if so, the 
Silhouettes and Tenders (Disetronic version) are identical. I'm not quite 
sure how using the gizmo could ensure the right angle anyway - doesn't it 
depend what angle you use the gizmo at, if you see what I mean? I've only 
used the Sofset whanger, with which you could insert at any angle, 

As John said, very rarely the cannula can come out. It's happened to me once 
or twice in about 5 years. I put my cannulas in at quite a narrow angle (30 
degrees) though there's quite a lot of scope for variation depending on where 
you're inserting, how much fat you have etc.

On Wednesday 08 Oct 2003 7:41 am, you wrote:
> Thanks for that, Graham.  However I'm still puzzled how the cannula can
> come adrift when the adhesive dressing is still in place.
> BTW I'm one of those boring pumpers who always use the supplied gizmo for
> inserting the cannula so I presume that ensures it goes in at the right
> angle.  Unless anyone knows differently?
> 1 further qn:  Do Disetronic sets fit the Minimed/Medtronic pump?
> Sadly all pump supplies are bought by the DM Clinic (cheaper that way) and
> they only deal with Medtronic.
> Rhoda
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