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Re: [IPk] Just started Lantus/advice on pump

In a message dated 07/10/2003 22:38:32 GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> if any body can give me any
> advice on how to progress getting a  Pump I would be really grateful.

Hello Adrian

Thanks for your message.  Just as a matter of interest, what time are you 
taking your lantus injection?

About the pump, my 9-year-old daughter has one but I had to first convince 
her Consultant that it was for the best and then had to check that he would 
 still see her at clinic. After many phone calls back and to with him and the
nurse he finally agreed to see her at clinic and began being interested in 
learning about the pump.  He changed his mind a few times and basically, I was 
prepared to take her care to another hospital even if it meant I had to travel 
further.  The pump nurse was able to tell us which hospitals were putting 
 children on pumps etc and she was prepared to ask one of them if they would see
daughter to get her started and then the pump nurse would be available on the 
phone for any problems or questions we had.  However, the Consultant came 
 around to our way of thinking again and we took her along to the hospital where
he got all his nursing team in the room and they all watched what the pump 
could do.

However, because it was my choice to get the pump, I had to buy it and the 
 Consultant wrote to the PCT and told them that it wasn't his choice and that he
would have preferred my daughter go onto MDI (Lantus was not available then).  
She is very slim and got loads of lumps and bumps from the 2 to 3 injections 
she was already having every day, so we didn't want to go down this road.  
 Because of his attitude, funding for the pump itself was refused but it has
such a difference to her life that I don't care.  We have just got the 
go-ahead to fund the consumables though which is what they say "down to my 
determination to keep her on the pump".

I hope this helps and shows you some of the problems you could come across.  
A lot of Consultants say things like "blocked tubing" can cause you to go high 
and leads to ketoacidosis and "the tube can be pulled out" and "what about 
all the blood tests you have to do?".  The pump is not for everyone, but it 
certainly suits us.

Good Luck

Type 1 for 30 years (just started Lantus)
Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
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