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RE: [IPk] Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

Hi Rhoda -

Welcome back. I'm sorry if you've had email trouble!

You don't actually say what infusion set you use - MiniMed and Disetronic
each have several different models of infusion set.

I've used Tenders (similar to Silhouettes) for about 4 years now. On two
occasions the cannula has popped out - both times when I've been moving
house/carrying heavy boxes etc. Since a short bit of the cannula is exposed
to the outside world, and is flexible,you can in fact rub the infusion set
and pull it out without noticing. I guess that's one reason we do regular
blood tests.

All infusion sets present some sort of problem. SofSets buckle and give a
no delivery alarm if they slip slightly - I had terrible trouble with that
when I used SofSets. I find Rapids excrutiatingly painful when in place.

>1 further qn:  Do Disetronic sets fit the Minimed/Medtronic pump?

Yes - apart from the new MiniMed Paradigm. That needs its own special
infusion set.


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