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Re: [IPk] Just started Lantus

I started Lantus about 3 weeks ago and am doing great.  I never 
understood why I couldn't get predictable levels with Actrapid and 
Insulatard, particularly in the morning - but now with 17 units of 
Lantus taken at bedtime I unfailingly get reasonable fasting levels, 
normally around 5.  I think I had an 8 one day.  That was as high as it 
went.  Before it used to regularly be 10 or 12 and I'd have to take 
extra Actrapid for breakfast.

It goes on well throughout the day, except that the bedtime levels are 
less predictable - but still not too bad, so I expect it's a matter of 
fine tuning.  The Lantus isn't entirely even - I walk to work and the 
exercise seems to give me a surge that stops me peaking after 
breakfast, which is great.  I still get high peaks after lunch - mid to 
high teens - but I have learned not to correct them, since if I do, I 
go hypo later.  They correct themselves before long.  I should probably 
go for a walk after lunch but there's always something else I want to 
do (and who wants to walk on an industrial estate anyway?).

Barbara, what's the Optiset like to use?  I got prescribed an Autopen, 
which disappointed me as it's inferior to the Novopens I've been using 
- flimsy construction, no chance to correct errors, and the one I 
originally got prescribed doesn't do odd numbers of units (I made sure 
I got a spare that does, so I can now take 17).  But it does the job 
and uses the same needles as my other pens.

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