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RE: [IPk] Just started Lantus

Hi Jackie,
I've been taking the Lantus at 10pm - although my DSN said that they had had
good results with patients taking it in the morning - she said very stable
blood sugars throughout the day - OK - but my blood sugars during the day
aren't the real issue 1or 2 mmol here and there during the day don't make as
much difference to your control as a spike of 17mmol first thing in the
morning and I was concerned that the Lantus might not last the 24 hours.

I will give it a go injecting it straight after dinner back at the old dose
and see what happens.

Thanks for the advice

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 What time of day do you take Lantus? I assume that it's at night from what
say, but at what time?.
 Lantus does have a peak for some people and is no means as "flat" as
would have us believe. You
 could try taking it earlier so that the peak, where you have a tendency to
low, occurs at a "better"
 time, with a meal for instance. If you take it late in the evening try
it much sooner after the
 evening meal. Some people (many people) find that Lantus does not last 24
and tend to take it
 between 6 pm and 10pm (at the same time each day, whatever time you choose)
that way you can adjust your
 short acting insulin to "cover" any missing lantus or give less Novo
because of
the drop from Lantus.

 It sounds as though you cant really drop the dose much lower as you will be
high in the morning. It
does take about 3 days for any adjustments in doses to settle down.

 The thing is, if you need different basal rates, which most people do, then
pump is going to be the
best solution.

  Unfortunately our consultant thinks pumps are horrendously dangerous and
let us have a trial.

Mum of Sasha aged 9

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> Hi

> I started on Lantus and Novorapid last Friday. It appears to work well for
> me during the day - I get really stable blood sugar levels mostly in the
> range 4-8 mmol. First night was pretty bad with a low at about 1am - so
> reduced the Lantus the following night by 2 units to 24 units which seems
> have conquered that problem but I still have an enormous spike in the
> thing in the morning round about 17mmol sometimes even higher although it
> slightly lower than the spike I had with Insulatard. I am still convinced
> the only solution will be a pump but it seems hard work convincing my
> Consultant who is very pro Lantus. He told me at my last consultation that
> if the Lantus/Novorapid solution worked then it was a good indicator that
> Pump would be a good solution (leaving me more than slightly confused!).
> I guess so far I have been lucky with my diabetes in that I have only one
> complication - a frozen shoulder - which has been getting progressively
> better almost in parallel with the improvements in my blood glucose
> control - however like my blood glucose level improvements its improvement
> has plateaud - the Consultant Rheumatologist thinks they are directly
> (sadly at a different hospital in North London), if any body can give me
> advice on how to progress getting a  Pump I would be really grateful.
> Adrian Miller
> Type 1 for 20 years - now on Lantus - Totally frustrated!
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