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RE: [IPk] Just started Lantus


I started on Lantus and Novorapid last Friday. It appears to work well for
me during the day - I get really stable blood sugar levels mostly in the
range 4-8 mmol. First night was pretty bad with a low at about 1am - so
reduced the Lantus the following night by 2 units to 24 units which seems to
have conquered that problem but I still have an enormous spike in the first
thing in the morning round about 17mmol sometimes even higher although it is
slightly lower than the spike I had with Insulatard. I am still convinced
the only solution will be a pump but it seems hard work convincing my
Consultant who is very pro Lantus. He told me at my last consultation that
if the Lantus/Novorapid solution worked then it was a good indicator that a
Pump would be a good solution (leaving me more than slightly confused!).
I guess so far I have been lucky with my diabetes in that I have only one
complication - a frozen shoulder - which has been getting progressively
better almost in parallel with the improvements in my blood glucose
control - however like my blood glucose level improvements its improvement
has plateaud - the Consultant Rheumatologist thinks they are directly linked
(sadly at a different hospital in North London), if any body can give me any
advice on how to progress getting a  Pump I would be really grateful.

Adrian Miller

Type 1 for 20 years - now on Lantus - Totally frustrated!
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