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[IPk] - Abigail's rant

Another bounced message from me.


By the time this gets through (previous messages are still undelivered after
72 hours and counting!!!), Abigail, you'll have recovered your equilibrium.

Wearing my psych hat for a moment, I have to say that sometimes it is
important to call an "a***hole" exactly that rather than some other polite
rational euphemism!

Please tell your cat (if you have one) to demand some stroking from you.
That will give her pleasure and lower your no doubt elevated blood pressure.

Don't worry, a previous diabetes consultant in Blackburn told me that I was
being obsessive testing 4 times a day and even more when HRT was doing a
number on my blood glucose levels.  He told me to get a life.

Interesting how so many doctors think we can "get a life" when we feel so
darn grotty from fluctuating blood glucose levels.  And if there was some
other way of checking what bg levels are and therefore enabling us to amend
our insulin dosages etc, I'm sure there's a list-ful of folk here and on all
the other DM lists around who'd crush those unenlightened peers of yours, in
the rush to start using it.  Now there's an idea to conjure with!

All the best and congratulations on at least forcefully if perhaps less than
cool-headedly you informed your GP colleagues of how it is for us rather
than for them!

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