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[IPk] Mysterious occurrence.... any explanations ?

This was originally sent last Monday but for various reasons it bounced so
I'm re-sending.

How can a cannula be displaced when the site dressing is still firmly in

This happened to me yesterday evening when I was feeling increasingly unwell
and tested to find my bgs were at 20.9!  Previous test was 8.8 and this was
after a rare pasta treat!

The cannula was flapping around in the air and the patch was firmly in place
where it had been since the site change on Thursday evening.

I changed sets and bolused - heavily for me i.e. two separate lots of 4
units - then my bgs started down and I didn't hypo.

This morning back to more usual and healthy 5.4mmol/l.

Anyone else had this happen?  And out of curiosity, how could it?!!!

Rhoda (who would blame David Blaine except he's in that perspex box over
London Bridge!"
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