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Re: [IPk] Dentist drama

In a message dated 07/10/2003 15:33:40 GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> So I went back today for a root
> filling, and have just got home. I'm still dribbling from the right hand
> side of my mouth, having been injected with every imaginable pain killer.
> And I can't eat till all the feeling returns, lest I chew my tongue. That
> will be about 8pm tonight. Thank goodness for the insulin pump :-)

Hello John

It's good to hear your story and the fact that it was just teeth-related.  I 
have been to the dentist today just like you and I had the same (eating my 
 meal at lunchtime with my friend and only feeling a bit of it entering my mouth
due to the numbness), laughing with one side of my mouth staying put and then 
dribbling without realizing!

I would agree with you about the insulin pump.  I don't have one - I have 
 been diabetic for 30 years but I don't feel it would suit me but my daughter
9 has an insulin pump and it suits her and us too.  When she wants a lie-in 
or when she is not too well, or just when we are not able to get her something 
to eat, it's much better because we don't have to feed the insulin.  Same with 
me now, just starting on Novorapid and Lantus and therefore will be in the 
same boat as my daughter because I don't have to feed my insulin either 

Glad to hear you are well anyway.

Type 1 for 30 years, just starting Lantus
Mum to Danielle age 9, now pumping
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