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[IPk] Just started Lantus

Hello everyone

Well after the initial problem with getting hold of the correct needles, I 
have finally just started tonight on Lantus.  The thing is, I started the 
 Novorapid today, went to the doctor tonight about my breathing difficulties and
has put me back onto steroids so now my blood sugars are going to be soaring 
through the roof for a few days so I won't really know if the amount of Lantus 
or Novorapid is correct or not.  At least it will get me used to injecting 
before meals which I have never had to do before and maybe after a week I can 
 start to sort out the results. I have taken 4 units of Lantus tonight and I
use the Novorapid to correct my highs tomorrow.  Anything must be better than 
getting a syringe and two bottles and mixing myself.

The good thing about these pens is I can take them out with me and use them 
on my daughter if need be.  She has a pump and uses Novorapid anyway.  
 Sometimes it might be necessary to give her a quick blast (if the tubing
 disconnected or any other reason) and I will be able to let her use one of my

How are you doing tonight Maria?  I find the Novopen easy enough but do I 
have to prime the OptiSet every time I change the needle?  It's such a lot of 
insulin to blast into thin air isn't it?

Type 1 for 30 years, just switching to Lantus
Mum to Danielle aged 9, now pumping
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