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RE: [IPk] Dentist drama

 John you poor thing. Toothache can make you feel really bad. I hope all is well
now and that you will
have a few weeks with little drama.


> Sigh. Yet more health dramas in the Neale household. Got back from Lucerne
> late Thursday night - about half past midnight. Terrible aches and pains
> right hand side of my head. Earache? Toothache? Throat infection? Revenge
> of my brain tumour? Couldn't really tell. Certainly couldn't sleep and
> spent most of the night pacing around downstairs and got to sleep about
> 6am. Next day - public holiday (tage des Deutches Einheit - celebrating the
> reunion in 1989 was it?). So all doctors were closed. But by morning I felt
> better, so I put it all behind me. Friday night/Saturday morning, same
> again. Pain, little sleep, gone by morning. Saturday night much worse, and
> Sunday morning the pain was still there. This was the moment I decided I
> had to do something. My wife, Julia, rang the university hospital that had
> done my brain tumour last year, and a doctor there rang me back to give me
> a little telephone interview. He wasn't unduly concerned, but felt I should
> pop into the clinic the next morning (Monday) to be checked over (I'd
> finished a chemotherapy course 2 weeks ago, so there is plenty that can be
> going wrong with me, if you follow). And the headaches were suspiciously
> similar to those I had ignored 18 months ago, and which turned out to be a
> brain tumour. But by Monday the pain had receded and was definitely based
> in a tooth in my mouth (lower right 7). The clinic poked and prodded me,
> found nothing wrong, and I then visited the dentist on the way home. Was
> seen within the hour, which isn't bad when you just walk in off the street.
> He xrayed everything, and agreed that LR7 needed filling (refilling
> actually - all my back teeth are filled). So I went back today for a root
> filling, and have just got home. I'm still dribbling from the right hand
> side of my mouth, having been injected with every imaginable pain killer.
> And I can't eat till all the feeling returns, lest I chew my tongue. That
> will be about 8pm tonight. Thank goodness for the insulin pump :-)
> John
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