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Re: [IPk] Pump latest and thankyou

I think I'm just a bad customer! I don't explain the about-to-fly-to-
Helsinki stuff.  Explanations and pleadings are for friends, not for
servants.  They don't need to know why I need stuff, they should just be
competent.  And they should _apologise_ when they get stuff wrong.  In
stead, they make me feel as if _I'm_ in the wrong when I point out that
they've screwed up.

Being nice to them may well make your life easier.  But I get more
pleasure from knowing that I am right and they are wrong in the standard
of service delivered, than I would from grovelling where they should be
grovelling, not me, and getting as a result the service I deserve.

Best wishes,


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Smith, Beverley <email @ redacted> writes
>Either I am very lucky or you are very unlucky.  I e-mail my
>orders to Medtronic and have never had any problem.  The last
>one was e-mailed on Monday with a desperate plea for them to
>be at my house on Wednesday (I usually get them sent to work
>but this week I was in Aberdeen on Tuesday and Wednesday,
>returning home late on Wednesday and leaving for Geneva early
>on Thursday morning!).  As I was not going to be at home
>during the day I asked if they could be left in the Porch.
>They duly arrived on Wednesday with a large note on the front
>instructing them to be left in the porch.  I left for Geneva
>the next day with plenty of supplies!
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