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RE: [IPk] Pump latest and thankyou

 I have to say that I have not had any problems with Disetronic - I have found
them to be good and not had any problems with the pumps which I have been using
for 3-4 years.
 I do know that things are a bit chaotic at the moment with the takeover, which
may explain why some people or centres are having probelms. I recently ordered
some new supplies and although they were delayed by two days I was kept fully
Kind regards

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	Thanks to those who replied to my mail 'back-again' yesterday! It helps so
	much to have first-hand experiences!
	Had my appt with the diabetes clinic today. Upshot is, they've had problems
	with Disetronic lately. (Another lady, the only other pump user in this area,
	has used Disetronic but has had a run of problems, bad service, pump
  malfunction, supplies problems, plus the PCT have not been able to get the
	 visit, etc, etc). The cons said it used to be OK with this firm, but just
	seems to have gone downhill. So now, the team and the DSN's are meeting with
  Minimed on the 13th October to choose a pump, etc. Apparently there are going
	be two of us going onto pumping at the same time, plus the exisiting user who
	will transfer to Minimed as she is so unhappy with Disetronic. I asked if I
	could go along and choose a pump(!) but no, it was just for the health
	 professionals. Then the DSN is going to contact me as soon as the goods come
  basically. Sorry to be a bit slow here, (I have been off list for a while) but
	has anyone else had problems with Disetronic? It all sounds a bit ominous!
	Other things happened in this visit...another mail about that follows!
	BW Helen
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