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[IPk] Carpal tunnel syndrome, aches and pains

 I've bought a right wrist brace, and that's very helpful at night. I'll get a
left one next month. In the meantime, my left hand has been getting stiff
overnight or when I don't move it for a while (such as when I'm watching a
film), and this is getting worse. I've identified it as the ring finger knuckle.
Yesterday morning it was so stiff I had to loosen it up gradually and it was
very painful. I'm also getting painful hips and vaguely achey joints practically
all over my body.

 I went to a barn dance last night, so I took some aspirin to help me get
through, and I was more comfortable than I've been for a long time. I'm
reluctant to take anti-inflammatories regularly without some advice, though.

 Considering I have type 1 D, pernicious anaemia, hypothyroidism and autoimmune
ovarian failure, I think I might ask for a check on my rheumatoid factor. I hate
going to my GP with a whole list of vague things. He is very understanding and
has never given me any trouble over bg testing strips or anything, but I feel
like I'm wasting his time with vague moans, especially with things that come and
go (although they always seem to come back again...)

 Oh, there's more! Over the last few weeks, my workplace has had some awful
times, with redundancies and uncaring bosses, etc. On the two worst occasions,
when I've increased my basals to 150% to cope with the adrenaline, I've also
suffered real discomfort in my stomach/abdomen. So uncomfortable is quite
painful. Think sinking heart feeling x 10. BG's relatively ok, have eaten
properly, etc. Does this sound normal?

Any encouragement would be most welcome!

Thanks for listening!

IDDM 35 years, pumping 1 year
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