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[IPk] child/adult clinics

Hi Jackie, Andrew and everyone
The problem with Jamie has occurred cos the childrens diabetes nurse has 
left and has not been replaced with a diabetes nurse,and from what we can, 
will not be. The pump children have been left in limbo. Another mum and son 
we know just didn't bother to go to their last appointment, you see the 
doctor , but no paeds DSN - thats who we really need for day-to-day guidance 
on basal rates and growth spurts, not to mention our teenage grumpy 
Any way, sent off 7 letters to day to PCT chairman, chief exec etc (they are 
in same building but seem to write back to me buck-passing, so wrote to them 
all at once thi8s time!) with a copy of NICE guidlines and quoting where 
they are breaking them, and refering them to the NSF for diabetes standards, 
and pointed out where they need to amend their practices, referred them to 
the Diabetes UK National UK paeds Audit, which shows average HbA1c levels 
for children attending hospitals(none of which have what I would find 
acceptable readings), and suggested that if their child had diabetes, they 
would not put up with the treatment they are expecting others, through 
ignorance of the system, to put up with.How to make myself unpopular - but 
its just a day job for them, its a life for the people they are meant to be 
If you would find the above interesting, and Jackie,I'm sure you would, they 
can be got free from NHS on 08701 555 455, , ref no NO194 (41).
Oh and Kayleigh, I had interetsing chat with a Tasos Spiridakis of Dept for 
Education and skills, 02079256000,who sent me a copy of schools info 
document about medical plans for children in schools. Our school of course 
did not have such things, but following my complaining when Jamie hypo'd 
unconscious on a school trip, and the teacher @didn't know he was diabetic' 
yep, they still try that one!!!they now have got to have such plans. They 
are lucky it wasn't a child who had an anaphylactic shock response, then 
they'd have had an even bigger problem. Problem was though, ambulance came 
and 2 glucagon injections didn't work, so he went on a drip.SO..........no 
more school trips, no more pretending we are normal!!

Wait till our kids tell their grandchildren their memories, hopefully no one 
will believe them b then!!

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