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Re: [IPk] diabetes and siblings - any risk?

Hi all, Pitching in with family autoimmunity - My Dad has coeliac, his
brother has pernicious anaemia and his sister has thyroid problems.  Nice
triple whammy there.  I have the diabetes and the parietal cell
antibodies, which may or may not end up as pernicious anaemia when I'm
older.  No doubt abut my paternity then! Katharine > >Eleanor, > >I
reckon you are on to something - my paternal grandmother had >rheumatoid
arthritis, another autoimmune disease. Noone else in my >family has
diabetes, although I think my dad is getting some >arthritis in his knees
now..... > >Ciario, > > >Ingrid > > >>From: Eleanor Joslin >>Reply-To:
email @ redacted >>To: email @ redacted >>Subject: Re:
[IPk] diabetes and siblings - any risk? >>Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 09:54:50
+0100 (BST) >> >>Insulin Pumpers is made possible by your tax deductible
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http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/donate.shtml >> >>Your annual contribution
will eliminate this header from your IP >>mail >> >>When I was diagnosed
last year - the first diabetic in my family >>that I >>know of - a doctor
suggested that my grandmother's hypothyroidism >>might >>have had
something to do with it. Underactive thyroid is another >>autoimmune
disorder - the theory, I believe, is that I inherited a >>vulnerability
to autoimmune diseases but not the specific disease. >>Then >>something,
probably a virus, triggered my immune system to attack >>my beta >>cells.
>> >>If that's so, I guess my dad has the gene too, but he's fine.
>>Although my >>grandmother was fine too until she reached her 70s. >>
>>I have no plans for kids at the moment (I'd like one but who would
>>the >>father be?) but if I ever do, I won't let diabetes stop me. >> >>
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