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Re: [IPk] Addisons and tests

Hi Helen

I apologise in advance for the vagueness of this

I am fairly certain that I had this test a few years
ago at St Georges. It was pre-pump and they were
trying to determine a reason for my poor control.

The main thing I remember about this test was that it
takes quite a while (an hour or so of being
continually attached to something? Sorry, I said it
would be vague!). The surroundings were very
comfortable though; like sitting in somebody's living
room, complete with magazines etc. No side effects
that I can remember. 

It came back negative which is probably why I've
relegated it to the trashcan of my memory. 

I have no idea what the actual impact of having
Addison's disease is, but I'm sure that more medically
aware folk on this list will be able to enlighten you.

Cheers for now, 

IDDM 7 years, Minimed 508 2.5 years, Madrid 6 weeks. 

> Hi
> Me again!
> Had my annual MOT today at the diabetes clinic.
> Mentioned that I'd had 
>  problems with my BP dropping on standing, plus all
> my other fatigue, etc. It
> was
>  suggested i may have Addisons disease and I have to
> have a test to see if this
> is
> the case. Have to wait as a letter has to be snet to
> the endo guy at this 
> hospital and then he orders the test. ACTH
> stimulation test. Just a 
> query...anyone had this done? Any side effects etc?
> Another thing that annoyed me...had my HBA1 done a
> while back...as usual path 
> lab not sent the results to ther rtght place! But my
> GP had recd a copy and 
> the receptionist told me it had been 9. Now, despite
> not good control lately, 
> this was high for me. I worried about this and upped
> my glargine thus causing 
> hypos early am...but better than being high! On
> phoning the path lab the cons 
> said the test (same date, everything, ) was
> 7.2!!!!!!!!
> I now intend to phone my docs on Monday and ask what
> is going on!
> Helen
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