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Re: [IPk] Helen, pump etc

>I never heard of problems like motor insurance being affected by change in
>regimen. I drove when initiated on pump : just checked BGs frequently  which
>you should do anyway. I know that travel health insurance sometimes will not
>cover you if medication changed within the last 6 months. Best to check the
>small print on this

I seem to remember when I started to drive (back in 1985 I think) I filled
in a detailed diabetes questionnaire to get insurance. Somebody told me all
they are interested in is your daily dose. Above 50 units a day, the risk
of unexpected hypos becomes greater, and your premiums are higher. So my
daily dose mysteriously became 49 units ;-)

Since then I've no idea how premiums are calculated. I was once denied
insurance on account of my diabetes when I tried to hire a minivan to move
some large furniture. And yet they never even ask about diabetes when I
hire a standard car at Hertz/Avis/whatever in Germany. And a doctor even
suggested to me diabetes can *reduce* your accident risk, since we take
better care of ourselves than the population at large. Eat that.


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