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[IPk] rant

I have just been browsing through a discssion forum for GPs. One of the
threads was blood glucose testing in type 1 diabetics
Someones GP refusing someone 200 tests in 6 weeks. Words to effect of
insisting on testing at least 3 times/ day and whenever gets into car,
obsessive, refuses to go along with it, had many run ins and had ears bashed
by an MP who is described as an " arse hole". Only a few replies staing that
this no of tests is reasonable ( HbA1c 6.2 percent), In fact only 2 really
positive replies. Other vary from, easier to go along with it, the cost is the
PCTs problem, what does their advisor say, to it would be typical if he did
have a hypo when driving and you could be in trouble, to words to the effect
that perhaps the atient should be advised to contact the DVLA to le them
assess the situation if there is cocnern re blood glucose affecting driving,
to the patient needs to see psychiatrists, give him another illness to worry
about to take his mind off testing, not as bad as one of mine who sets his
alarm to test at night etc..
I am just gob smacked that so many of my peers can be such flippant arseholes.
I've written a filthy reply stating the patient is quite reasoanble. something
along the lines of the DCCT and need to test 4 times per day to adjust dose
and get a good A1c , that if the DVLA was contacted every time someoens
glucose was a bit unpredictable no one with T1 or on insulin would be fit to
drive, a bit about the rationale for nocturnal tests, the legal aspect of
driving and being accused of driving under the influence of drugs, limitations
of A1c and words along the lines of fluctuating blood glucose perhaps not
affecting the GP but certainly having an impact on the patient who wants to
conduct his life as a competant adult. At the end of it I also mentioned that
if I as a ptient got wind of the fact that GP thought I needed to see a
psychiatrist becasue I was looking after my diabetes
, I would go straight to the GMC, and thank G.d I am not one of their patients
as some of them are dangerous..

Think I may have made myself unpopular. It helps that I feel like one of us
ratrher than one of them. Perhaps I should have written a more gentle and
detailed response but I just can't be bothered when they have such a flippant
callous and punitive attitude. I bet they would be the first to complain if a
patietn had an A1c of 10 percent and it would all be the patients fault then.
Most of them probably don't understand flexible regimens and think that meals
need to be taken on the dot. No mention of this being obsessive. I also asked
in my reply if they enjoyed belittling people with cancer, multiple sclerosis
I need someone to talk me down...
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