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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #513

Hi Jo

I reall feel for you, our little girl was diagnosed at the age of four.  It
took me 8 months to persuade the GP to get me sterilised.  Although it was
very hard and still is - I would have loved another child - I could not put
another human being through what Libby went through on the day she was
diagnosed.  For us there was no question - My brother, nan, and uncle are
all diabetic and on my husbands side his niece and her son  both have it.
My friend was diagnosed at 3, all four of her daughters are also diabetic.
We have asked and have been told that diabetes is genetic not heriditory.
The only advice I can give is think very carefully,  with one child you can
afford to put all your energies and money into the best care possible, with
another child if the worst happened and they too were diagnosed, you would
have to share it out.  Todays technology is very expensive - I would hate to
have to choose between my children who got it first if not at all.
My heart goes out to you but which ever way you decide for the future, good
luck.  Your son is very lucky to have such caring parents.
Kayleigh Grace
Mum to Libby aged 8 d- 3.5years pump user 2 months
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